To set new phone number for One Touch Dialling on Panasonic KX-T7730 phone with Panasonic 624 Hybrid exchange

By Phil Jones, Sep 2017

The “Programmable Feature” (PF) buttons are numbers 1-12 with red lights on the right hand side of the phone.

Example: How to program PF4.

Note: If you make a mistake, press PROGRAM button at any time to go back to the beginning.

  1. Press PROGRAM button
  2. Display says "PITS-PGM NO? ->"
  3. Press Programmable Feature button eg PF4
  4. PF4 button should now be lit in red
  5. Display says the existing phone number assigned to PF4
  6. Press 2
  7. Display should now be blank
  8. Press 9 for an outside line
  9. Display should now say "9"
  10. Dial the outside number eg 07904125648
  11. Display should now say "907904125648"
  12. Press AUTO DIAL / STORE button
  13. AUTO DIAL / STORE button should now be lit in red
  14. PF button should now be no longer lit
  15. Display should now say "PITS-PGM NO? ->"
  16. Press PROGRAM button
  17. AUTO DIAL / STORE button should now no longer be lit
  18. Display should now show the date, eg “1 Sep,2017 Fri”.

To use new phone number on PF4

  1. Lift handset
  2. Press PF4
  3. Display says "CO 1" for call outgoing on line 1
  4. You hear the dial tone briefly
  5. Display says number being dialled eg "907904125648"
  6. Display says time on call starting 0:00’0